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Calling all Pet & Animal Lovers - Cats Dogs Fish Birds Owls Bears Elephants +++

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This section is for you, if you are looking for jewelry for a pet lover or animal support lover! I decided to herd them all up and group them in an easy to find little bundle.Looking for something in particular??? Ask me if I have it or can make it!House Pets: cats, dogs, and mice/rats.Farm Yard Animals: chickens, roosters, bunnies, cows and more that are coming up soonBirds: generic birds, swallows, owls, and more coming upElephants: new beads on the way - snag these pieces when they come up, they also sell very quicklyFish: ranging from painted metal charms, handmade glass beads and genuine gemstone carved beads big enough for pendants and necklacesBears: Oh My! Yes! Snag them though when I get some in - they usually sell very quickly!Fox + Wolf: hard to find, but coming soon!Reptiles: occasionally - mostly frogs or geckos or salamandersInsects & Bugs: various but kind of hard to get a hold off - I'm working on it :o)

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